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Clinical Trial References - Lilia Menopause Capsules

Reference 1

Lignans found in natural form, are in the glycoside form, that cannot be easily absorbed.
Aglycone form allows both the direct and fast absorption of 7-HMR Lignans, and the
transformation into the active metabolite enterolactone.
Liggins et Al

Reference 2

Antioxidant & anti-tumor effects of 7-Hydroxy Matairesinol a lignans isolated from the knots of
Picea Abies L. Kanyas L et Al Eur J Cancer Prevention 2002 Aug : 11 Suppl 2 – 5 / 48-57

Reference 3

Improves Bodyweight, Fat & Sugar Metabolism 7-Hydroxy Matairesinol improves bodyweight,
fat & sugar metabolism in C57BJ6 mice - Giorgio Biasiotto et al

Reference 4

HOT FLUSHES _Pharmacokinetics & Bioavailability of plant lignans 7-Hydroxy Matairesinol and
effects on Serum Enterolactone & Clinical symptoms in Post-menopausal Women.
JK Udani et al – Journal of the American College of Nutrition Vol 32 no 6 / 428-435 ( 2013 )

Reference 5

LILIA 7-HMR LIGNANS MENOPAUSE helps to stimulate Hyaluronic Acid /
Collagen & Elastin production

Reference 6

Parkinson’s Disease - Neuroprotective effects of 7-hydroxymatairesinol (HMR/Lignan) in rodent model of Parkinson’s disease – Claudio Giuliano et al

Reference 7

Immunomodulatory activity of the lignan 7-hydroxymatairesinol potassium acetate
(HMR/lignan) extracted from the heartwood of Norway spruce (Picea abies)
Marco Consentino et Al – Potential relevance in Chronic Systemic Inflammation

Reference 8

Enterolactone has stronger effects than enterodiol on ovarian cancer
Huidi Liu et Al 2017;10:49

Reference 9

FLAXSEED is a pre curser for ENTEROLACONE – 7HMR LIGNANS is not only a pre-curser for
ENTEROLACTONE , but being in the AGLYCONE form gives bloodlevels of both ENTEROLACTONE & 7HMRLIGNAN

J.K. Mason and L.U. Thompson

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