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  • When is the best time of the day to use Lilia Vaginal Gel?
    Just before sleeping.
  • How long will it take before I feel an improvement?
    Clinical studies done with Lilia Vaginal Gel were done over a period of 3 months with remarkable results. You should feel the difference immediately. For continued benefit the Lilia Vaginal Gel should be used at least once a week.
  • If a little bit of Lilia Vaginal Gel stays behind in the cannula, must it be discarded with the cannula?"
    No - Squeeze the remaining gel on the tips of your finger and apply to the vulver vestibuli
  • Is there any warnings or contra-indications?
    A temporary burning sensation may sometimes occur during the first two or three application, which will disappear with regular use. If irritation persists consult your Doctor.
  • Does the Lilia Vaginal Gel contain any synthetic hormones?
  • I have further questions where can I go?
    Contact us
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